In series of shower radios, there aren’t many that are up to the mark, and the Dolphin Shower Radio is definitely one among the elite few radios that are a bang for the buck. The Dolphin shower radio is an excellent radio receiver that can be used in bathrooms. Encased in specially designed waterproof material, these radios do not have external ports for power or for headphones, to stay away from short circuiting.

These shower radios can be suspended from bathroom fixtures such as towel hangers or pipes with a hanger or a waterproof nylon cable that comes with the product itself. Additionally they include suction cups at the back, allowing them to be connected to different surfaces inside a bathroom or shower.

The Dolphin Shower Radio is a compact and aesthetically designed bathroom radio unit that does exactly what it’s supposed to. The radio is targeted at people who like to hear music as well as news while they are in the shower.

The radio would also make a great gift for children, on account of its friendly design and ease of use. The device may also be utilized by senior citizens, since it has a very simple and user friendly and uncomplicated interface. Although the product is marketed as a shower radio, it can be used absolutely anywhere. It is small and compact, and may be used as a travel radio as well. Powered by just three replaceable batteries, the radio is very power efficient. Designed to seem like a smiling dolphin, this dolphin shoer radio has excellent reception of several stations, in AM and FM. The fin of the dolphin serves as the tuning knob, using which the user can change radio stations.

The eye of the dolphin doubles as the volume control knob. There are no buttons on the radio, since the primary functions are taken care of by the tuning knob and volume control knobs. The radio is very loud and clear, and reproduces even the smallest of sounds with excellent clarity. The speaker, which is situated on the side of the dolphin, is of really good quality, and it is designed such that it is protected from water or moisture, to ensure that speaker doesn’t get damaged, or the sound distorted.

The general build of the radio is excellent. The dolphin shower radio is supplied in many attractive colors, and buyers can select from colors which will suit their showers or bathrooms. The waterproof casing is sturdy and durable, and also the molded plastic doesn’t fade or lose color over time. The seals are perfect, and the unit remains waterproof despite long exposure to water and moisture. When it comes to damage to the unit, there is little to bother about, because the only movable parts of the Dolphin Shower Radio are the volume knob and the tuning knob. As these parts are made of plastic as well, the likelihood of their breaking or getting jammed are incredibly slim. In conclusion, the Dolphin Shower Radio is a very affordable portable radio that is definitely worth buying.

Get it at the price of 17.4 € from your electronic shop.