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Troubles with the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)?

Its very common to have Diesel Particulate Filter troubles. The DPF works to trap & eliminate diesel particulate (soot) from the exhaust gasses of the diesel engine before it exits the exhaust. This is removed into the atmosphere, simply removed from the gasses that flow through the exhaust to aid lower emissions. Imagine a DPF is like a honeycomb on the inside like to the Catalytic Converter (CAT) of a petrol engine. As the gasses flow through it, the DPF will trap the harmful diesel particulate (soot) and with its advanced technology break it down to remove as much of it as possible (between 80%-100%). The soot is burnt off at very high temperatures in the DPF and left behind is a very fine ash residue. The problem is this ash, it has no where to go and so will start causing blockage in the DPF system.
The ash & soot will partially block your DPF causing the DPF/CAT light to illuminate on the dash (normally when 45% blockage is reached) at which point regeneration is necessary to get the DPF back in to its safety zone. Regeneration is the DPF’s way to clear the blockage through continuously burning it at higher temperatures and allowing the now harmless produce to escape through the exhaust system. There are two types of Regeneration processes which will be explained further below.
Sometimes the DPF light will appear on the dash intermittently, this does mean there is a partial blockage in your DPF and a regeneration process is necessary. You should make yourself aware of this process but a lot of people are unsure or have no idea of this DPF system as its still very new and not explained to everyone. If you bought your car from new at a dealership, then this would have most likely been explained at the point of sale but in the second hand car trade, you cant expect this type of information to always be passed on.
What occurs is drivers see the light, then see it go off and ignore it not not knowing its a partially blocked DPF. They continue to drive and again it will illuminate the DPF light on the dash and go off again but eventually it will continue on permanent and in most severe cases bring on the Engine management light and even the Coil Light which could start blinking. If this happens, you will lose all power and the car will fall into “Limp Mode”. This is the automatic reaction of the Engine Management ECU and if you are at this stage then unfortunately it will be a costly repair. You could be looking at having to replace the DPF unit and having your Engine Management ECU reprogrammed.
A DPF replacement will cost you between 500 – 1000 euros new in addition to Labour, from main dealers, depending on the Make & Model of your car and the corresponding part numbers of the unit. Resetting the ECU light will cost you a additional 45-100 euros and then you will have to be on the lookout for the next time the DPF light comes on to take the appropriate action to ensure the damage is not done all over again as if you fail to do something, then you could probably void any warranty given with the new DPF unit costing you double.

Cheaper solution is to delete electronically the Diesel Particulate Filter, this can be done reading your ECU file using a KWP2000, Galleto or MPPS cable patch this file and write again to the ECU, we offer the electronic removing of Diesel Particulate Filter by 9.90 Euros

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Removal
If you have a problem with your DPF and the engine management light is driving you mad then we can switch this off for good.
Even if you have had to remove your DPF for whatever reason and the sensor is now throwing up an error on your ECU making the light come on your dash then we can also switch it off for ever.
If your car is going into limp mode this can also be triggered by the DPF which may be another reason to request to us to have the DPF problem fixed.
You may want your DPF removed for several motives: it can decrease / limit the exhaust gas flow which will in turn reduce the mpg your vehicle will return, so removing it can save you money
We can now accommodate DPF removal on many makes and models some of which are shown below.
If you want to switch off your DPF send us your original ECU file, please contact us sending the vehicle model and if you have the original file, we will give instructions about how to proceed. First we will check your vehicle allow to remove the DPF and later we will guide about how to get the ECU file that we need to remove DPF. We recommend to use a MPPS cable version 6.0 is ok, lower version could not be compatible, MPPS version 12.0 is too expensive and version 6.0 works in almost all vehicles.

Vehicles Brands Suffering the DPF System Failure problems
The aim is to remove 80% in the average diesel particulate (soot) emissions and although a great concept, it brings about a whole new line of problems. We’re taking calls all day from anxious customers and garages across the country when their DPF (diesel particulate filter) light is illuminated on the dash, indicating that there is at least a partial blockage in the DPF system.

DPF: A Diesel Particulate Filter, is a device designed and integrated into the Diesel Engine exhaust systems to trap & remove Diesel Particulate Matter or Soot from the exhaust gasses of the diesel engine. Much like the Catalytic Converter of conventional petrol engines, the Diesel Particulate Filter works to remove harmful toxins and lower the emissions of your diesel engine making it more environmentally friendly.

You can request a modification of your original ecu file to increase power of your car, reduce fuel consumption, delete diesel Particle Filter or reset airbag immobilizer 

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How to Use ELM327 OBD-II OBD2 CAN USB Interface Diagnostic Tool

OBD2 ELM327 USB CAN OBD-II diagnostic tool interface is very easy to use. Just turn your computer into a self-diagnostic system. This interface with software included is all you need. It works for most cars from 1996. You can read and clear all diagnostic trouble codes. Show all data in real time from your car.

ELM 327 Instructions:

There are several programs for the operation of ELM327 software are now talking about EasyobdII version 2.2.

1. First connect your laptop to your car and turn the key and start the engine is running.

2. The ELM327 hardware will be detected and automatically installed ready for use. Otherwise you have to use driver file to install it.

3. If you use Windows Vista software only EasyobdII 2.2 Use with Vista. For the operating system must not rest these problems.

4. In the first attempt you may have trouble seeing the screen like this. There are 5 options such as com1 com2.com5.

5. This step is necessary to go to Control Panel – System – Device Manager – PortsComLPT – standard USB portcom to know what number is necessary to choose.

6. If the number above is com com1 EasyobdII choose Restart program as a COM port COM1 on the bottom line of the program and let the ECU testing program car.

7. The system will generate data and shows on screen.

8. Other thing to try: plug and unplug OBD2 connector and make sure connection is OK; or try a different usb port of your laptop

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