Now here is a gadget which will cool you down in hot days at your home, office or anywhere else. This gadget is a fan which is powered via usb.

This gadget is compact and light weight. It is flexible so it can be bent into desired direction you with ease. USB FAN does not create noise while blowing air. This gadget is easy to use just plug it into the usb port and it starts breezing. USB FAN consumes very less power, no worries while running it from laptop. Everyone wants their workplace to be cool and relaxing, USB FAN can relax you with its great air flow. This gadget is cheap and affordable.

This gadget can be used while working in high temperatures environment in office, in bus or train journey, in public places. It can be used anywhere as it is completely portable and it is very easy to carry it with you. USB FAN can be idle gadget for you if your room in house, cabin in office, class in school or college is at hot and poorly ventilated zones. This gadget can also be used for cooling laptop. Just get this gadget and enjoy cool breeze no matter where you are.

Buy it at the price of 5.01 € from your gadget shop.

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