Desire to increase the range of remote control then use REMOTE CONTROL EXTENDER which boosts the remote control range of your appliances. This device lets you operate your appliances from any room also from indirect line of sight.REMOTE CONTROL EXTENDER is simple and easy to use device which can extend the coverage of remote control up to 100 m.

This device is powered via 12v DC battery. It possesses a very fast response time so there is no lag at the time of operation. Rather then traditional IR technology this device functions on RF technology which can let you to perform even in the circumstances of closed door or your appliance is placed in closed cabinets.REMOTE CONTROL EXTENDER is usable to all remote controlled devices it can be anything your TV, DVD player, AC or anything else. This device will alter your ordinary remote control into powerful remote control that can be used from any room at home.

REMOTE CONTROL EXTENDER is idle for you in case your TV or DVD player are placed in closed cabinets or want to operate it from kitchen. This supplement can save you from number of troubles while operating any remote controlled appliance.

Get it at the price of 58.94 € from your electronic shop.