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If you’re in search of the ideal way to keep your precious car safe and sound, then the wireless two way car alarm may be exactly what you were seeking. Parking your car in unknown places hasn’t been this safe ever before! With the wireless two way car alarm, its now possible for you to park your vehicle absolutely anywhere, and walk away with full peace of mind, since you can be certain that of the fact the the wireless two way car alarm will certainly be looking out for the safety of your car the moment you’ve stepped out of it. This wireless security system is one of a kind, and it is truly an innovation in the field of automobile security. What sets this system apart is the point that it is completely wireless, and doesn t have to be incorporated into the car’s existing internal electrical wiring. The various components of the wireless alarm system just have to be placed anywhere inside the car, and each component works independently and autonomously, keeping track of the car as soon as the doors have been locked. This system features a number of sensors which will set off the alarm in situations when something is wrong.One of the basic sensors is the air pressure sensor, which sets off the alarm if the door of your car is opened. The sensor constantly keeps track of the air pressure inside the car, and sets off the alarm when there is just a small change in the air pressure, which can be caused only by opening the door of your car. A very sensitive shock detector sets off the main alarm whenever the slightest of movements are detected. The components of the system that are placed inside the car are wirelessly in communication with two remotes. One of the remotes comes with an LCD screen which shows real time information regarding the status of the vehicle, while the other functions as a normal car remote, which locks and unlocks the doors of your car. When there is any threat or damage to the car, the sensors of the unit inside the car send a signal to the external 100 dB siren, which is loud enough to be heard even at large distances. Simultaneously, the LCD remote also starts sounding an alarm, notifying the user of some sort of threat or danger with the vehicle. The signal gets transmitted by the siren and received by the LCD remote up to a distance of 1000 meters, but as is common with all wireless devices that run using radio frequencies, large structures between the transmitter and receiver can diminish the signal. The LCD remote features a whole bunch of other nifty features which make life a lot more easy for the users of this product. For instance, it comes with a an in-built parking timer, which lets users know of how long they have parked their vehicle in a paid parking zone, and ensure that they don’t get parking tickets due to delays. In conclusion, this highly affordable wireless two way car alarm is a wonderful product, in regards to design and features.

Buy it at the price of 89.15 € from your electronic shop.

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Posted by Rahul.3555 - 19 November, 2011 at 20:39

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Are you bored with opening a lot mail each day, then here is gadget which will satisfy your need the USB LETTER OPENER WITH HUB AND CLOCK. This gadget will open your envelops or letters and it is also a usb hub and a clock.

The USB LETTER OPENER is powered via usb, by adapter or by three AA batteries. This gadget has a clock with alarm function. It also has a hub with four usb ports. The USB LETTER OPENER is easy to use device and completely portable and cheap.

Now opening the letter becomes so easy with the assistance of this gadget, you just have to hold your letter on this gadget and the letter will be ready for reading. The USB LETTER OPENER opens the letter very fast thus it will save your time.It opens envelop with perfection so there no worries about damage of document.

In case you are dealing with a lot of letter each day the USB LETTER OPENER is great gadget for u. Its multi functionality increases its usability. This gadget is suitable for both professional also personal purposes. The USB LETTER OPENER is frequently in post office, hospitals, colleges, banks, shopping centers

Buy it at the price of 10.91 € from your gadget shop.

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Posted by Rahul.3555 - 10 November, 2011 at 21:59

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Want to sleep more but you can’t with the help of Flying Rocket Alarm Clock .It is rocket shaped alarm clock which will fire and only stops ringing when you bring it back to its base. This alarm clock guarantees to awake you when you don’t want to wake up. Now you wouldn’t be anymore reaching late to office, to school and to college.

This gadget has snooze function, 12/24 hour conversion, it has on / off alarm icon. Flying Rocket Alarm Clock is powered via four AA batteries which are enough to let it in skies. It is very easy to set time and alarm in this clock and it shows very clear display of time. At the time of settled alarm a led light flashes and starts the countdown when it reaches to 10 the rocket launch to air with loud ring. This clock is compact and attractive in looks.

Did you have already have tried a lots of  alarm clock but don’t get success ,then this alarm clock can really assure you success as the pitch of its alarm tone is really annoying and loud. It is cheap and efficient clock. Flying Rocket Alarm Clock is of great use to everyone in the house.

Grab it at the price of 15.28 € from your gadget shop.

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Posted by Rahul.3555 - 8 November, 2011 at 22:49

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It hard for you to get up from the bed in the morning then this FLYING ALARM CLOCK is a best alarm clock for you with a great concept that will make u wake up as it is flying alarm clock which flies in the air at the settled time and you will have to stand up from the bed to stop its loud ring. It is very useful gadget to one who find it difficult to wake up in the morning this alarm clock make such annoying noise that he will have to wake up to stop it.

It is very easy to set up alarm in this clock. This clock has back lit display which is very easy to read. Its spinner is designed such that it flies in random direction so you can place it anywhere in the room.  It gets power from 4AA batteries which can be replaced when get discharged. You can also snooze your alarm .It has good looks and it will look attractive when you will place it in your room. This clock can also be a great gift to your friends and dear ones who have troubles in getting up in the morning.

Its pricing is quiet fair compared to its functionality.  It is a excellent product and good value for money.

Order yours today at the price of 11.74 € from your gadget shop.

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Posted by Rahul.3555 - 1 November, 2011 at 22:44

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In the HQ series of gadget it is another multifunction gadget which has several functionality. USB LED TORCH PERSONAL ALARM is a led torch with five bright led lights which have capabilities  of illuminating a quiet fair amount of area and forget about the battery because it is  powered via USB, More over,  USB LED TORCH PERSONAL ALARM can be also used as alarm clock it has easy to setup alarm function which is very reliable.It has another functionality of mobile charger also this product comes with five most popular  mobile charger adapters . USB LED TORCH PERSONAL ALARM can be used continuously for two to three hours after that it should have to be stopped for some time.

It easy to use gadget and developed for day to day use with attractive ,easy to handle and pocket size design . Its pricing is kept in justice with its functionality . So ,after buying this product forget about bulbs and batteries ,alarm clock, mobile charger .USB LED TORCH PERSONAL ALARM is a 3 in one gadget which can be used as alarm clock,mobile charger,led torch .  Now, just imagine yourself chatting and surfing in led light and thinking about the alarm time to rang ,no worries about the mobile battery as it is already charging. overall its great and  usable  gadget.

Buy it at 13.28 € the price of from your gadget shop.

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Posted by Rahul.3555 - 30 October, 2011 at 8:40

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