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Want to check blood alcohol concentration then use BREATH ALCOHOL TESTER which can easily find out alcohol level from your breath. This is very reliable digital device which scans your breath and get alcohol level.

BREATH ALCOHOL TESTER is easy to use and operated by  single button. It gives accurate level of blood alcohol concentration. This device is powered via two AA batteries. BREATH ALCOHOL TESTER displays result with the help of green, yellow and red light. It is compact, slim and easily affordable. You do not have to do any extra effort to carry it with you as it can be easily attached with your keys. Its response and resume time is very fast.

BREATH ALCOHOL TESTER can be used in both personal as well professional uses. With the BREATH ALCOHOL TESTER you can check after drinking, you will be able to drive or not. It is a great device for party organizers as they confirm which guest is in condition of driving and which one is not. This can also be a good device for parents who want to be assured that their teenagers do not drinks. It can also be used in patrolling to check the alcohol level of drivers.

Buy this device at the price of 9.38 € from your digital device shop.

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Posted by Rahul.3555 - 9 November, 2011 at 18:38

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Want to sleep more but you can’t with the help of Flying Rocket Alarm Clock .It is rocket shaped alarm clock which will fire and only stops ringing when you bring it back to its base. This alarm clock guarantees to awake you when you don’t want to wake up. Now you wouldn’t be anymore reaching late to office, to school and to college.

This gadget has snooze function, 12/24 hour conversion, it has on / off alarm icon. Flying Rocket Alarm Clock is powered via four AA batteries which are enough to let it in skies. It is very easy to set time and alarm in this clock and it shows very clear display of time. At the time of settled alarm a led light flashes and starts the countdown when it reaches to 10 the rocket launch to air with loud ring. This clock is compact and attractive in looks.

Did you have already have tried a lots of  alarm clock but don’t get success ,then this alarm clock can really assure you success as the pitch of its alarm tone is really annoying and loud. It is cheap and efficient clock. Flying Rocket Alarm Clock is of great use to everyone in the house.

Grab it at the price of 15.28 € from your gadget shop.

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Posted by Rahul.3555 - 8 November, 2011 at 22:49

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