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If you are looking for the ideal technique to keep your precious car safe and sound, then the wireless two way car alarm may be exactly what you were seeking. Parking your automobile in unknown places has never been this safe ever before! With the wireless two way car alarm, its now possible for you to park your motor vehicle absolutely anywhere, and walk away with full peace of mind, since you can be certain that of the fact the the wireless two way car alarm will certainly be looking for the safety of your respective car the moment you’ve stepped out of it. This wireless security system is one of a kind, and it is truly an innovation in the field of automobile security. What sets this system apart is the fact that it is completely wireless, and doesn t have to be incorporated into the car’s existing internal electrical wiring. The various components of the wireless alarm system just have to be placed anywhere inside the car, and each component works independently and autonomously, keeping an eye on the car as soon as the doors have been locked. This system features a number of sensors that will set off the alarm in situations when something is wrong.Among the many basic sensors is the air pressure sensor, which sets off the alarm if the door of the car is opened. The sensor constantly keeps track of the air pressure inside the car, and sets off the alarm when there is even a small change in the air pressure, which can be caused only by opening the door of your car. An extremely sensitive shock detector sets off the main alarm whenever the slightest of movements are detected. The constituents of the system which are placed inside the car are wirelessly in touch with two remotes. One of the remotes has an LCD screen which shows real time information regarding the status of the vehicle, while the other functions as a normal car remote, which locks and unlocks the doors of the car. When there is any threat or damage to the car, the sensors of the unit inside the car send a signal to the external 100 dB siren, which is loud enough to be heard even at large distances. Simultaneously, the LCD remote also starts sounding an alarm, notifying the user of some sort of threat or danger with the vehicle. The signal gets transmitted by the siren and received by the LCD remote up to a distance of 1000 meters, but as is common with all wireless devices that operate on radio frequencies, large structures between the transmitter and receiver can diminish the signal. The LCD remote features a whole bunch of other nifty features which make life much more easy for the users of this product. For example, it comes with a an in-built parking timer, which lets users be aware of how long they have parked their vehicle in a paid parking zone, and ensure that they don’t get parking tickets due to delays. In conclusion, this highly affordable wireless two way car alarm is a wonderful product, in regards to design and features.

Buy it at the price of 89.15 € from your electronic shop.

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Posted by Rahul.3555 - 19 November, 2011 at 20:39

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Tired form working want to have some fun then get the new  SOLAR MINI CAR .It is a car shaped gadget which runs on solar energy. It is auto start and auto shutdown car as it automatically speeds up when sun rays falls on it and slows down when come in shed. This SOLAR MINI CAR has solar cell panel which converts solar energy in electrical energy due to which this car works.

Its great fun using SOLAR MINI CAR in free time or in the time when you are a lot stressed up from working it can work as good stress remover. It also can be a good toy for kids during day time they can play with it all the day as it has no cell or battery charging related problem because it get powered from sun which is ultimate source of energy. You just get it and place it in sun rays it will be ready to race. This tiny car is very attractive in looks and attracts people from all age group to use it.

SOLAR MINI CAR is good example of utilization of solar energy as the solar energy is free of cost energy and also ecofriendly. SOLAR MINI CAR is a good source of inspiration for the development of solar powered products.

Grab it at the price of 6.78 € from you solar gadget shop.

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Posted by Rahul.3555 - 1 November, 2011 at 20:44

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Everyone who has digital camera or camcorder needs charger for its battery here a gadget by HQ which is universal battery charging device which can charge almost all universally recognized battery types. It has adjustable connecters which expands the types and range of batteries you can connect to it. It can be powered via USB increasing its usability in car and laptops.

UNIVERSAL CAMCORDER BATTERY CHARGER can charge all Li-on batteries of digital camera or camcorder it can also charge NiMH AA/AAA batteries. Its function of automatic polarity detection saves battery or charger to any damage. This gadget can charge batteries in 90-150 min but in turbo mode it can charge the battery in quick time of 60-90 min. With the help of universal camcorder battery charger you can charge two batteries simultaneously. It is only gadget of its type which can charge data chip coded batteries like Sony, Panasonic, and JVC.

Universal camcorder battery charger is completely portable, light in weight, small in size. It is easy to use gadget allowing you to charge digital camcorder or camera battery when you are in car or outside home with laptop.  It is available in two colors black and white both of them have good looks.  It is cheap than other gadget of its category.

Buy it now at the price of 51.03 € from your digital gadget shop.

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Posted by Rahul.3555 - 1 November, 2011 at 20:38

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