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High Definition Multimedia Interface, or HDMI, has become very popular in the present day, and just about all modern-day electronic audio/video devices have HDMI ports which allow playback of high quality uncompressed audio and video digital data. If you happen to be the owner of multiple HDMI ready devices, but have only one television or monitor that allows playback of HDMI audio and video, then what you need is a HDMI switch. A HDMI switch is similar to a splitter, but has better design and more utility, features and adaptability when compared to a splitter. A 2 port HDMI switch is a device that takes HDMI input from two different HD devices, and sends data from either of them via a single port to the target device. This allows the user to minimise the usage of cables, and completely eliminate the need for changing cables from one device to another.

In simpler terms, if you own a BluRay player and a Set Top Box, and a television having just 1 HDMI input, you will have to manually unplug the BluRay player’s HDMI cable when you wish to watch regular TV shows from your Set Top Box. This can be a serious inconvenience, as almost all playback devices which are sold in the consumer electronics market today are equipped with HDMI ports, and being able to play output from only one device at any given time can be quite a hassle. Using a HDMI switch, a trouble-free and efficient answer to this problem can be achieved. If a BluRay player and a Set Top Box having HDMI outputs are connected with a two port switch, which is in turn connected with your HD-ready television set, video output from either of them can be sent to the television using the switch. Most switches have a remote control as well as buttons on the switch itself, which let the user pick the input source wirelessly with the touch of a button. Some HDMI switches are compatible with universal remote sets as well, enabling you to manage all your favourite electronic HD devices using a single remote control. HDMI switches are very common these days, and are found in most households and in places where HD audio and video playback is necessary. Today, home theatre systems and LCD or LED televisions are HD ready, and have a number of HDMI ports. A HDMI switch would be ideal for those people who have multiple HD devices in their homes, such as laptops, handycams and other high quality recording and playback devices. HDMI switches can also be very useful for playing back movies from laptops and other storage devices like external hard disks through HD ready projectors or on HD televisions. High definition video is now within the reach of everyone, thanks to HDMI switches. With the use of HDCP and HDMI adapters and converters at low costs, HD is now a real possibility in every household. If you are looking for a cost effective and hassle-free way to manage all your HD devices, then the thing you need is a 2 port HDMI switch.

Buy it at the price of 18.82 € from your electronic shop.

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Posted by Rahul.3555 - 19 November, 2011 at 20:06

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Everyone who has digital camera or camcorder needs charger for its battery here a gadget by HQ which is universal battery charging device which can charge almost all universally recognized battery types. It has adjustable connecters which expands the types and range of batteries you can connect to it. It can be powered via USB increasing its usability in car and laptops.

UNIVERSAL CAMCORDER BATTERY CHARGER can charge all Li-on batteries of digital camera or camcorder it can also charge NiMH AA/AAA batteries. Its function of automatic polarity detection saves battery or charger to any damage. This gadget can charge batteries in 90-150 min but in turbo mode it can charge the battery in quick time of 60-90 min. With the help of universal camcorder battery charger you can charge two batteries simultaneously. It is only gadget of its type which can charge data chip coded batteries like Sony, Panasonic, and JVC.

Universal camcorder battery charger is completely portable, light in weight, small in size. It is easy to use gadget allowing you to charge digital camcorder or camera battery when you are in car or outside home with laptop.  It is available in two colors black and white both of them have good looks.  It is cheap than other gadget of its category.

Buy it now at the price of 51.03 € from your digital gadget shop.

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 Are u a picture lover and like to carry all your picture with you than this is perfect gadget for you in the array of digital gadgets, shows all your favorite pictures with this 1.5 inch  clear digital screen. It is egg shaped model which builds a great impression on first look . Except its looks it also has a  lot of features like built-in battery which enables you to use it anywhere you like and with good backup capacity. It is light in weight , small in dimensions and compact very easy to take it everywhere u go.You don’t need to have an extra technical knowledge to upload pictures to the “egg”, it is very easy to use .  This DIGITAL PHOTO EGG has supports for JPEG and BMP formats which are universal picture format .U can store up to 130 picture depending on size of the pictures. This gadget can be ordered in four colors.

Imagine yourself having great fun showing pictures to your friends, family members and girlfriends. This gadget can be ordered in four colors. It is excellent gadget with such low  pricing and a great gift to your loved once. If you are planning to buy an digital photo frame then it is perfect choice.

Buy it at the price of 23.3€ from your gadget shop.

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