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When it comes to ease of use and innovation, there’s absolutely nothing to beat the functionality and performance of the 3 port USB hub cum memo pad from BasicXL. Combining the handy elements of a USB hub and a memo pad, this device takes creative engineering to a completely new level. The USB hub has three ports, allowing users to join three different USB devices to a single port. The hub can be thought of as a type of splitter; it’s main end is connected to a single USB port which is usually on the device to which multiple other USB devices need to be connected. Then, the devices to be connected are plugged into the ports of the hub. This lets the desktop computer or laptop recognize all three devices through a single USB port. While making use of the hub on laptops, it is essential to keep the power capacity of the laptop’s battery in mind, as connecting numerous devices to a single port can exhaust the battery of the laptop quickly, or lay an excessive amount of stress on it, causing it to deteriorate. The most striking and ingenious feature of this USB hub is that it also doubles as a memo pad. With a a large, clean writable surface and a marker that comes along with the product, this USB hub can be used as a writing pad or a memo pad for making quick notes while you are working. The writing surface is made of translucent plastic, and there are LED lights underneath this surface which periodically change colour. Whether it is phone numbers you intend to make a note of, or a to-do list, this memo pad is ideal for the task.

Thanks to the ever changing colors, your attention will be drawn to the device regularly, ensuring that you don’t forget anything you’ve written on the memo pad surface. The USB hub is well designed, and has standard USB ports that all typical USB plugs can fit into snugly, without any loose contacts. The device as a whole has an excellent finish, and is robust. In addition to serving as a memo pad and a USB hub, it also makes a great pen stand and a paper weight on desks. Needless to say, the colourful lights on the device make a great style statement. The USB hub is perfect for use in homes and offices, where the computer’s case may be fixed, or in a position that is difficult to reach. It may also prove to be useful when working on multi functional systems in which all the components of the computer are inside the monitor unit itself, as these computers come with a limited number of USB ports. The cable of this USB hub is around 50 cm long, which makes it long enough to extend from the back of a computer to the top of most home and office computer tables or desks. To summarize, this product is ideal as a functional, affordable and classy desktop tool which will surely be treasured by anyone who uses computers and multiple USB devices simultaneously.

Buy it at the price of 12.92 € from your electronic shop.

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Posted by Rahul.3555 - 19 November, 2011 at 20:11

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Are u addicted to tea & coffee and don’t want it to get cold? Then here is great gadget for u USB Cup Warmer with Hub. It is very creative device which don’t let coffee to get cold and a hub for your extra usb cables. Now, no worries you can drink your coffee or tea any time as they will be always hot.

It is easy to use this gadget you will just have plugged it into usb port and it starts warming your coffee. USB Cup Warmer with Hub comes with two led indicators; green and red which increase to its ease. Red led indicates when the cup warmer is activated while green led indicates when the usb device is being accessed. The ON/OFF switch is placed near the USB cable which is used to power on the USB warmer. USB Cup Warmer with Hub has four USB ports; two ports at each side. It has high quality insulation material around the metal hot plate which prevents it from burning and provides you security.

The  USB Cup Warmer with Hub can be used in office, in home, in outdoor parties, at remote locations or anywhere you want to use it as it is powered via usb so can be used almost anywhere with laptop . It is very efficient product as it multi functional it has two functionality it can be used as a cup warmer and also as an usb hub with four ports.

This gadget is a great choice if your coffee often gets cold before you can drink it and you also need extra usb ports it has both capabilities. It costs very low as compared to its functionality and other product of its category. Get this gadget and always drink a warm coffee.

Get it at the price of 9.38 € from your gadget shop.

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Posted by Rahul.3555 - 10 November, 2011 at 21:12

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