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In case you happen to be an infatuated collector of vinyl gramophone records, and are also seeking a way to digitize the music on them, then the USB Turntable is exactly what you need. This USB Turntable is fantastic for efficiently and lastingly recording of analogue audio from vinyl disks and converting them into digital music on a computer, or directly on to flash storage devices like memory cards. Additionally it is possible to record audio in sound recording devices that have an RCA input.

The USB turntable features a simple as well as intuitive design that makes it user friendly, while not compromising on any of the features one would expect from a turntable. The USB turntable, which spins the vinyl records using a DC servo motor connected to the turntable by a belt drive, can operate at 33, 45 and 78 RPM, making it perfect to play back audio from any type of gramophone record.

The USB turntable requires a 230 V 50 Hz power supply to perform. The high-fidelity 0.8 W in-built speakers of the device allow users to play back audio straight from the vinyl records. A large, sleek and ergonomic volume control knob on the front of the device enables the user to control the audio level of the playback through the internal speakers. When connected with a computer via USB cables, or when a flash storage device is inserted into the device for recording, the device starts playing back audio and recording automatically.

The USB turntable also comes with an auto-stop function; this is an added convenience, as users do not have to constantly track the progress of the device and ensure that its reading pin has never reached the edge of the record. The device is equipped with a transparent dust cover, enabling users to leave gramophone records within it for extended periods of time, without having to be worried about the record getting dirty or spoiled due to atmospheric dampness or humidity.

A small screen on the front of the device displays useful information such as the audio level, playback time, recording time, as well as other details of operation. The USB turntable comes bundled with a USB cable for connecting it to computers, as well as recording software for both Windows PCs and Macintosh computers. Except all of these features, the USB turntable comes with an in-built radio receiver, allowing users to tune into their favorite FM/AM radio stations and listen to them through the internal speakers. Although the turntable is just over a foot long and a foot wide, it is quite bulky. However, among other products of this type, the USB turntable is definitely the lightest, and has the most effective design. With a plethora of features, the turntable offers pretty much everything one would seek for in device to record from gramophone records.

The device and the software that comes along with it are well-built, and the package is really affordable, causing it to be a great buy for anyone who wants to enjoy classic songs from their old gramophone records, or simply digitize them.

Buy it at the price of 128.62 € from your electronic shop.

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If you want a small light weight camera or camcorder then here is perfect gadget for you “Flashlight LED Torch + Camera + Color Video Camcorder”. This portable gadget is of excellent quality  for image capture and video recording with image resolution of  1600 x 1200 and video resolution of 640 x 480 at 29 fps. It is also a led torch with eight bright led lights capable of illuminating a small room so no other light source is required while taking images or recording videos. LED TORCH WITH CAMERA comes  with rechargeable Li-ion battery and supporting MicroSD card for Recording. It captures images in JPEG format and records video in AVI format. It response is very fast as soon as you click the button u will get the results.

If you are thinking about camera or camcorder then it is perfect choice . over all its great  gadget with excellent use and multiple functionality as it can be used in three ways as camera or camcorder or as a led torch .Pricing of the product match its functionality. LED TORCH WITH CAMERA is light weight so u can carry it anywhere u go, u will not get LED TORCH WITH CAMERA as a burden when u travel .Simple design which is suitable for handling and also its design is very attractive for our self  and also to one how see it.

Get it at the price of  59.71 € from your gadget shop.

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