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Mini dual port charger: Handy USB car charger for your iPhone/iPad

Mini dual port charger is a brand new item today. While it would be a stretch to call the increased availability of Lightning-ready car chargers “exciting,” we’re glad to see more and better options headed to market.Mini dual port charger Following up on its late 2012 Car Charger with Lightning Connector, Belkin has released two “step up” options: the Car Charger with Lightning Charge/Sync Cable ($35) and mini dual port charger with lightning charge. Apple charges developers a premium for “charge and sync” capable Lightning cables, versus less expensive charge-only cables, so the added prices are now being passed on to customers.

In addition to the lightning cable, which works with the latest iPhone, iPod, and iPad models, what the $35 car charger with lightning mini dual port charger gets you is a matte black charger with a bright green ring around its rim, and a tiny green power light that illuminates when power’s flowing through it. Like the $30 Car Charger with Lightning Connector, this puts out 10-Watt/2.1-Amp power sufficient to recharge most iPods, iPhones, and iPads at full speed, falling short only of the 12-Watt/2.5-Amp refueling capabilities of third- and fourth-generation iPads.

Apart from cosmetics, the only differences in this mini dual port charger relate to the Lightning cable. Belkin has narrowed the Lightning housing to further improve its case compatibility, and added a USB plug at the end that can connect to a computer, wall adapter, or other charger. The cable remains a little over four feet in length—longer than Apple’s lightning to USB Cables—and apart from its black coloration, substantially similar. This connects to the Car Charger’s single USB port, and works exactly as expected.

The mini dual port charger with Lightning Charge/Sync Cable is a somewhat different story—it doesn’t look or feel much like either of its squat, less expensive predecessors. Measuring nearly 3” long from end to end, this version will extend at least 1.25” beyond your car’s charging port thanks to a bulging circular end cap with two USB ports inside. While the mini dual port charger looks merely like a mix of matte and glossy black plastics when turned off, the end cap is actually coated in a slightly grippy rubber, and a bright blue power ring is hidden behind the glossy front plastic. Turned on, the 2-Port Car Charger looks a little more exciting than it does when powered off.

Unlike most (but not all) two-port chargers we’ve seen, mini dual port charger  design is capable of quickly charging two iPads at once—there are actually two 10-Watt/2.1-Amp USB ports here, rather than the common competing combination of one 2.1-Amp iPad-ready USB port with an iPod/iPhone-ready 1-Amp USB port. While we’ve seen some extremely compact twin USB chargers, Belkin appears to have designed this one with sufficient space to let the two iPad-ready ports breathe rather than overheat; they worked exactly as expected. Within months, there will likely be rivals to this charger with at least one 12-Watt/2.5-Amp output, but for now, the mini dual port charger is as powerful as Lightning options get.

Mini dual port charger here

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Posted by Manuel Gallego - 21 July, 2013 at 4:49

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USB Wall Charger: Travel Friendly Adapter for Any USB Powered Device

USB wall charger is like a compact adapter what features for the USB ports. This product will permit you to give charge to your USB powered four devices from single power outlet. This item is completely perfect for your home. If you are going to travel then this USB wall charger you need for charging multiple devices.

Awesome progress has been created recently towards consistent rechargers and connections for mobile phones, pills, MP3 gamers, and many other device varieties. In just five decades — with the apparent exemptionUSB Wall Charger of Apple’s iOS connect — USB wall charger has single-handedly damaged the industry’s penchant for extremely personalized and exclusive connections. These days, you can cost your cellphone at your buddy’s home, connect your Kindle into any laptop computer or computer, and obtain images from a photographic electronic camera straight to your TV, all thanks to a consistent connect.

In its position, though, another issue has arisen: USB energy. Not all USB wall charger, connections, and wires are created equivalent. You might’ve observed that some walls rechargers are more highly effective than others. Sometimes, one outlet on a laptop computer is apparently more highly effective than the other. On some desktop computer PCs, even when they are converted off, you can cost your smart cellphone via an outlet. The USB wall charger specifications also allows for a “sleep-and-charge” slot, which is where the slots on a powered-down laptop computer or computer stay effective. You might’ve observed this on your desktop computer PC, where there is always some energy streaming through the mother board, but some notebooks are also able of sleep-and-charge.

There are three requirements — USB 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 — but we’ll be concentrating on 2.0, as it’s by far the most typical version. We’ll factor out where 1.0 and 3.0 are considerably different. The other essential reality is that in any system, there is one variety and one system. In almost every situation, your PC is the variety, and your smartphone/tablet/camera is the product. Power always goes from the variety to the product, but information can circulation in both guidelines. We’ll factor out where 1.0 and 3.0 are considerably different. The other essential reality is that in any USB wall charger, there is one variety and one system. In almost every situation, your PC is the variety, and your smartphone/tablet/camera is the product. Power always goes from the variety to the product, but information can circulation in both guidelines.

OK, now the figures. An outlet has four hooks and and a wire has four wires. The within hooks bring information (D+ and D-), and the outside hooks offer a 5-volt energy source. With regards to real present (milliamps or mA), there are three types of USB wall charger determined by the present specs: a conventional downstream slot, a asking for downstream slot, and a devoted asking for slot. The first two can be discovered on your laptop computer or computer (and should be marked as such), and the third type is applicable to “dumb” walls rechargers. In the USB wall charger 1.0 and 2.0 requirements, a conventional downstream slot is able to deliver up to 500mA (0.5A); in 3.0, it goes up to 900mA (0.9A).

Get USB Wall Charger here

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Posted by Manuel Gallego - 11 July, 2013 at 11:59

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Silicone watch phone- touch screen quad band watch phone

silicone watch phoneSilicone watch phone is produced to be delivered as export goods in numerous countries of the world. Rubber and silicon products are common in reliable and professional companies, who are integrating production and development together. In Africa, America, Europe and Asian countries already have experienced the export or Silicone watch phone and other products. This watch cellular phones are mainly produced from silica rubber to increase the durability of the products. The case and strap these phones are also important and the design is water resistant to make the watches protected from water. The materials used in any product bring the health issue before us. Silica rubber is food-grade material and the user will fell very comfortable using the watch mobile phones.

As no health issues are concerned in Silicone watch phone, users can use this watch cellular phone safely. Silicone phone should be charged through USB plug and the port is inbuilt in the phones. Users must need to transfer data from personal computer and the inbuilt USB port can used to transfer the data. This watch mobile phone can be used as a great USB drive that has multiple functionality. Silicone watch phone is RoHS, FCC and CE approved, so the safety, stability and quality are guaranteed. Before buying and using this amazing phone, you won’t be able to know the actual usability as well as multifunctional benefits. Bluetooth, voice dial, touch screen, quad band, FM and MP3 are some of the privileges enjoyed by the owners of this watch mobile phone.

Silicone watch phone is developed with strict quality control and efficient service for the customers, so that customers can get the tension free warranty. This watch cellular phones can be ordered globally and customers will receive the product within limited days time limit. For getting high quality products in less amount of money, Silicone watch phone is the best choice with multiple functions. Some people are always concerned about the odor of the product and this watch mobile phone is odorless and non-toxic. After continuous using for several days, this watch mobile phones must need to be cleaned. Users can easily clean these phones and for its anti-oil contamination, you can wash your dishes wearing this watch cellular phones.

Customers of different countries place order demanding specific quality in Silicone watch phone and the producing company of China is delivering the products meeting the standards. Before releasing any product to the customers, quality control system and testing service are strict to verify the product quality. The company is operating with their one factory of manufacturing the package for the phone.

Professional research and development team is assigned to design silicone watch phone and the prerequisite is always customer satisfaction. Customers have options to place any query about silicone phone as well as the company. For its anti-water seepage facility, housewives can easily use it. GPRS and WAP services are supported in this watch cellular phone. People of different languages will not face any problem in using silicone watch phone as multiple languages will be supported in it. White, pink and black are three available colors of this watch mobile phone.

Get Silicone watch phone here

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Posted by Manuel Gallego - 18 June, 2013 at 14:53

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